remuda (plural remudas)

  1. A herd of horses from which the horses to be used for a particular purpose are selected.
    • "To one side of the barn was a remuda of work-horses, perhaps twenty in all." — Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King
    • "Buddy did not know what his mother was going to do, but he was sure that whatever she did would be right; so he hoisted his saddle on the handiest fresh horse, and loped off to drive in the remuda, feeling certain that his father would move swiftly to save his cattle that ranged back in the foothills, and that the saddle horses would be wanted at a moment"s notice." — Cow-Country by B. M. Bower

6 letters in word "remuda": A D E M R U.

No anagrams for remuda found in this word list.

Words found within remuda:

ad ae am amu ar ard are ared arm armed arum da dae dam dame dare daur de dear demur derm derma dram dream drum duar due duma dura dure ea ear eard eau ed em emu er era ma mad made madre mae mar mard mare maud me mead med meu mu mud mudra mura mure mured rad rade ram re read ream red rem rud rude rue rued rum rume um ur urd urde ure urea